The Importance Of Patient Care

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Nurses are taught to care for patients in the order of severity. Prioritizing nursing care is very important, and when nurses do not use the proper nursing skills to prioritize nursing care for a patient then, it could compromise patient care. Therefore, the following is the priority I would place my patients in. 1) Chest Pain patient, 2) Elderly confused patient, 3) Post-op Cardiac patient, 4) Crohn’s disease patient. The patient being admitted from the emergency room is the highest priority patient because of the diagnosis of chest pain. The RN needs to obtain baseline vital signs and complete new admission assessment. The patient also needs to be placed on a cardiac monitor. In this case I would delegate the task to the LPN such as obtaining vital signs, placing patient on a cardiac monitor, and documenting all valuables the patient has with them. I would delegate the task to the CNA as well such as making sure the patient has a new patient package containing all the essentials for showering, filling up the water jug for the patient, and making sure they have non-slip socks on. As all these tasks are taking place, I would continue my assessment of the patient. Communication is important in this situation because if the RN does not communicate properly then the risk of altered patient care can occur. For …show more content…
The priority on this patient would be to manage pain. The patient is up and walking around and able to communicate all needs. The priority nursing issue with this patient would be to monitor patient for pain and also monitor patient when they start their prep for a colonoscopy. The nurse needs to document how the patient tolerates the oral prep drink. Many tasks can be delegated to the CNA for this patient. The CNA can obtain vital signs and if the patient needs any assistance with cleaning up after any loose bowel

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