Essay on Freire 's Concept Of Banking And Problem -posing

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Freire’s concept of “Banking” and Problem –Posing have several general characteristics. Banking teachers follow text and or curriculum guides by grade level and date. Paper and pencil are the major methods of testing, and normally student’s grades are determined by test at the end of a learning section. Whereas Problem-posing teachers identify long range objectives, review task, and rapidly proceeds in validating learning. They use instruction based on a continuum that leads to long range goals, and they expect all students to earn an A or B, but in a various amount of time.
Banking teachers don’t like their knowledge to be tested they feel that the teacher teaches and the student are to be taught, the teacher knows everything and the student know little to nothing, the teacher enforces his or her choices and the students have no choice but to comply. There was a time when my teacher was having a discussion about fire. My teacher said it is physically impossible for any human to with stand a burning fire, because fire is a substance combined with oxygen and chemicals from the air. I stated that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are men recorded in the bible in the book of Daniel that through a burning fire. Irritated by my statement my teacher reiterated that no human can survive a burning; it is physically impossible. This conversation could have gone either way, but I yet explained to her that from my religious point of view this is what I believe. Three men set to be…

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