Freedombop Marketing Plan

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About FreedomPop
The company was founded by Steven Sesar & Stephen Stokols back in 2011 and in 2012 they struck a deal for 4G, and from there... the company grew. What is the company? Just the world's first completely free mobile plan that ensures no one is disconnected from the connected grid. FreedomPop has flipped the tables and changed the script in the telecoms industry. They serve both the US, Spain, Mexico, and the UK and while they got their start in mobile services, they offer a range of services and are rapidly expanding.
FreedomPop Products
1. Apple
2. LG
3. Samsung
4. Google
SIM Cards
1. ANS
2. Apple
3. Samsung
4. LG
Hotspots & Modems
1. Alcatel
2. Franklin Wireless
3. Novatel Wireless
4. Netgear
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Selfie Sticks
2. Memory Cards
3. Batteries & Battery Packs
4. Power Adaptors & Chargers
Other Products
1. GPS Trackers
2. VR Headsets
3. Drones
4. Smartplugs
5. Home Internet
6. Mobile Internet
International Reach
While for now FreedomPop only services the US, Spain, Mexico, and the UK, within the year the company expects to have branched out into at least another dozen countries.
Sister Companies
Nothing can beat FreedomPop, but Virgin Mobile and Straight Talk sure try.
Big Deals
As soon as you open the website you'll see a header with the current promotion – right now it's the big winter sale with savings of 20% on a variety of products.
Big Brands At Low Prices
Whether you are interested in a table, mobile phone or modem, FreedomPop stocks the biggest brands on the block. You can choose Apple, Samsung or any brand in between.
Franklin Wireless
Sierra Wireless
Code Black
Top 5 Deals For Extra Savings
1. Save 81% when purchasing the 16GB white Samsung Galaxy S5. The MSRP is $579.99, but it can be yours for the low price of just $109.99.
2. Save 89% on a blue LG Tribute 2, this 8GB smartphone is now just $64.99 despite it's MSRP of
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You may find that you can take advantage of FreedomPop even if you already have a device. You can check the website for availability to see if it is available in your area. There are also family and business plans you can choose from. With business services you can buy in bulk, get one invoice, a detailed report of usage, big discounts on hardware, and a dedicated account manager.
FreedomPop provides a variety of support to help you use your device properly.
Find FreedomPop on Social Media
No matter where you hang out online, you'll find FreedomPop right beside you. Follow for new product information, to find out where they're heading next, and what new products are in stock.
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, and Google+.
Contact FreedomPop
You can get in contact with FreedomPop on their social media sites, if that isn't helpful you'll need to head directly to the website and log in to access the additional support features. You can also call toll-free on

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