Essay about Freedom Writers By Richard Lagravenese

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This report is on the movie Freedom Writers, made in 2007 by Richard LaGravenese. As found in All Readers Freedom Writers summary by Guru Naila, a young 23 year old teacher at the Wilson High School is faced by diversity in her class, managing the diverse racial group from different backgrounds. Her students include Asian, Hispanic, African American, juvenile delinquents, and poor students. The students face many conflicts among each other, disliking and stereotyping each other based on personal feuds. The conflict among students makes being in school an unpleasant environment for them and they lack motivation for learning. The students refuse to participate in her class activities despite her attempts to engage them by using a variety of techniques. As a racially forced gang shoot is witnessed by a Latina gang member, things start to turn worse. Erin comes across an ugly racial cartoon of one of her students drawn in one of her classes. She uses the cartoon as a teaching tool and an example of why the class needs a transformation of priorities and work ethic. She makes students listen to her and makes them record their life stories in a personal journal. Through these journals, Erin started to connect to the struggles each student faces outside of school, whether at home or on the streets. She starts to motivate them to change their lives through journal writing. Erin introduces “The Diary of Anne Frank” as a tool to open the eyes of her students, to look beyond their own…

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