Freedom Of Speech And The Constitution Essay

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Freedom of speech and the Constitution

We are all fortunate enough to have the freedom of speech, it is given to us as americans being ruled under the american constitution. We find the right to speak our minds in the first amendment of the constitution. Freedom of speech is taken a couple of ways, some of these are positive some may not have the same positive spin. Some people think we can say anything we like, no matter how controversial it maybe, without fear of punishment. Some think that the freedom of speech only protects speech, where some believe it protects art, and writing and any type of expression. Freedom of expression tend to play a huge role for the press and media as it allows different point of views as far as political freedom, which tends to be important for a truth for the american system of democracy. Another benefit that come with this freedom is people can assemble for peaceful protests. This is true in recent events during which the LGBT community won the right for same gender marriage. They had the freedom to celebrate publicly and express themselves. Along with positive opinions on the freedom of speech there is also another side, the con or against freedom of speech. Freedom of speech can means we are able to say what we like about others, which can sometimes lead to misleading facts being exposed or published on the Internet or media. The freedom of speech lets us assemble if we would like for peaceful protests. Although the intentions may…

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