Free Goodies And Freedom In The Story Of An Hour

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As a student in elementary school we've all wanted to be freed. We couldnt wait til the last bell rang for school to be out. We knew we had to attend school but didnt want to be there. Students that are seniors in high school propbably cant wait to be "freed" and graduate. They think they be ready for the real world. Everyone wants to be freed in some type of way. In the story "The Story of an Hour" it tells us how Louise Mallard accomplised the cheerfulness of freedom rather than the devastation of withdrawl after she finds out her husband passed. Although people want to be freed from many things in life; Mrs. Mallard recieved Guarantees, Free Goodies, and Freedom. The story starts off in a sorrrowful way. Mallrd have a "heart problem" (para 1) and her sister Josephine sensed that extreme responsisbilty had to be done when she told the news about Bently's death (Mrs. Mallard's husband). When Josephine told Mallard the heartbreaking newa she starts crying and proceeds to her room where she was alone. This was the time where she sat and thought about how her life would be without …show more content…
This quote means that although Mallrd was hurt by Bently's death, her other life will still go on. Her husband had died, but all Mallard saw from the window was images of "new life". Spring often means a symbol of rebirth. "She sat with her head thrown back upon the cushion of the chair, quite motionless, except when a sob came up intoher throat and shook her, as a child who has cried itself to sleep continues to sob in its dreams" (para 7). In this senence it shows as if Mallard body is broken apart from her so that she "contines" to cry . Even though her brain is seperating from the memories of her husband, she still cries. Correlatting Malard to the crying child shows her guiltlessness and the burden she felt lifted up off her when she heard her husband

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