The Things They Carried Narrative Essay

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Memories and Emotions The work of fiction, The Things They Carry, can be categorized as either a novel or a collection of short stories. If one were to put it into a genre, or a sub-genre, then realistic fiction or a memoire would not be inaccurate. All the stories are told through memory; every chapter is a story told through the point of view of one of the men from the Alpha Company. Half as many chapters are about the surviving characters and them reliving their experiences, but the details differ from when we first read about them to when they reappear. These characters’ memories are subjective, things remembered are never linear nor are they clear. This is evident in the self-titled chapter “The Things They Carried.” Jimmy Cross’ thoughts throughout the chapter are “Boom-down” (17.) The repetition of …show more content…
Mallard is gazing at the window, towards the open world, for an indefinite amount of time. Viewing the world in its simplest state, with life going on. The sparrows singing, the rain in the distance, and the street peddler selling his items. It is at the window where Mrs. Mallard has her realization. She is free now. She views how everyone is trapped in the shackles of their world. Mrs. Mallard knew that she was going to mourn, she had an emotional attachment towards her husband but she saw beyond that. She knew what she was going to get “and she opened and spread her arms to them in welcome (58.) Spoiler alert, we’ve reached the end. Now the greatest irony occurs, the death. Mr. Mallard, Brantley, is alive and enters the house. In her new found happiness of freedom, seeing her not-dead husband’s face does it all, she has heart attack, dies of horror, and her story ends. Doctors arrive and reveals she has died from too much joy. After all, what else would a women with weak heart die from? Her grief consuming her and the truth was too much, death by joy had to be the reason. Her friends and family knew she loved him, why would they assume anything

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