Free Speech : The Guardian Of Our Liberties Essay

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Free Speech: The Guardian of our Liberties
On June 15, 1775 our young country, low on ammunition and entrenched on a small hill, fought against the near invincible British Empire. Although this fierce battle only lasted three hours and ended as a victory for Britain, the Battle of Bunker Hill gave our forefathers the will to continue the fight. The fight for the freedom to speak against the monarch and his laws. Our forefathers face innumerous odds to eventually win the freedoms they were denied by the red coats. Today, some in our country are attacking the right to free speech as passionately as the British did two hundred years ago. Freedom of speech is the fundamental liberty that all other liberties are built upon, and must be protected from the constant attacks to limit our constitutional right.
Most people who want to limit free speech do not realize the impacts that will eventually follow, limiting speech has to limit all other freedoms. How is it possible to have free expression of religion without free speech? How about freedom of press without speech? James Madison, the creator of the First Amendment, understood this dilemma stating, “free communication among the people thereon, which has ever been justly deemed the only effectual guardian of every other right” (Preska 5). Madison is basically saying that free speech is the only protection of all other rights, without free speech all other liberties cannot stand. Judge Loretta A. Preska reiterates this in her…

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