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I can 't live with a person who lies all the time.

No, it 's not going to happen.

What are you saying, Mangaliso?

- If you can 't live with Lizzy, then what?
- I don 't know.

I hope Mangaliso has thrown that snake out.


He thinks I 've been taking the pills and now I blame Lelo.

Okay, I 'm coming to Jozi to fetch you.

I won 't run from that witch.
I 'll beat her at her own game.

Maybe I should take another career...

or a better job, or go back to school.

- Do you want to leave policing?
- I don 't know. Just anything better.

I was struggling to sleep.

So I took those sleeping pills.

Night after night, I 'd always be thinking about how you 'd steal Mangaliso from me.

Please forgive me.
You 're a good friend.

Mangaliso and his studio things.

What time did he leave this morning?
He 's going to miss Nosi 's bath time.

Didn 't you receive his SMS?

What SMS?

He said he 'd be working all night with his team.

But then again, I guess he 's not used to reporting his whereabouts to you.

I 'm making an omelette.

- Do you want one?
- No, thank you.

Suit yourself.

Tell me...

Maybe I shouldn 't ask you this.

What is it?

Tell me. What is it?

I hope this isn 't a marriage proposal.

I 'd love to one day, but it 's too early.

Okay, then what is it?

Do you have a problem with me being a cop?

What? Please tell me you 're joking.

It 's hard sometimes, baby...

hearing you talk about billions, investments and businesses.

And that bothers you?

It makes me…

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