Analysis: What's Zweli Doing With Tombstones '

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- What 's Zweli doing with tombstones?
- I think he did something that put his life in danger.

I ask that you carry on protecting me, and blessing me and Smangele.

- Do you care what will happen to me if you die?
- Die from what?

I 'm not stupid, Zweli!

I 'm not going back to the church.
I like deejaying and I 'm good at it.

We must get rid of Jabulile for good.

Don 't talk about my sister like that again!

Remember the t-shirt you showed me at the police station? It 's his!

Where 's the photo?
Let me see it.

I have the photo.

Is this the photo?


It was in here!

There was a photo of Lindiwe, Sipho and Mxolisi!

Bab 'Dinangwe, I told you that...

my sister 's mind...

is disturbed.

That photo 's here somewhere, Dhlomo!

I 'll
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You have to intervene.

I 'm not following.
What actually happened?

- Ayanda was supposed to marry Smangele.
- Okay?

He was doing very well as our pastor and leader.

He had left his childish ways behind.

He had dealt with all the horrible things that had happened, losing his father...

losing Nombuso and all that Xulu drama.

- I remember.
- And then...

who arrived? Sibahle. Your daughter.

And Ayanda 's life came to a screeching halt.

As we speak now,
Ayanda has let Pastor Nkosi...

take over what 's rightfully his.

Why? Because of Sibahle.

Ma 'am, are you saying all of that is Sibahle 's fault?

Dhlomo, I don 't know where they 're deejaying as we speak.

Ma 'am, who 's the man?

I thought Ayanda was a man.

A real man blames himself for anything that goes wrong in his life. Ayanda has never grown up.

Ever since I 've come here, he 's always been all over the place.

He 's not a good role model...

to the youth of KwaMashu.
I don 't know how he even became a pastor.

But I really don 't like him...

dating my daughter.

Good. We 're on the same page.

All I 'm saying is that your daughter isn 't good for my son.

They 're all over the place.
They must be separated.

I agree with you
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How long have you been thinking about it?

It 's been a while now.

I just couldn 't afford it.

I think what happened with Maphindi and Amandla was because we haven 't done it yet.

And now you have the money?


Tell me, where did you get all that money from?

- I 've been saving.
- Really?

Yes. For six months.

If you say so.
Even though you and I know that 's not true.

I 'll see you later.

My love, I wanted to thank you for yesterday.

- I had a lot of fun.
- Yes, it was great.

Baby, you were on fire!
Everyone loved you!

You know your story.
You were amazing, my love!

I 'm glad I wasn 't too rusty.

Guess what?
A friend of mine got me a job at a club.

Yeah, it 's part-time, but it 's better than nothing.

- Wow!
- I 'm organising events.

- Wow! Okay.
- Hmm...

I have a huge gig. Woza Spring.

- Wait, you 're doing Woza Spring?
- Uh-huh! I 'm doing Woza Spring!

We 're just waiting for sponsors.
Then boom, we 're on!

- That 's great news!
- Wonderful news, my love!


My friend loved your work last night, my love.


I 've come...

to ask you be play at Woza Spring.

But don 't you need big names for Woza Spring?

I 'm looking at one, aren 't I?

What 's wrong?
Are you doubting

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