Free Basics - Branded Internet Essay

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Free Basics – The Makings of Branded Internet

By Subba Rao NV on December 31, 2015


free basics
Free Basics – The Makings of Branded Internet
How free is Free? // Who decides the Basics?
Man is condemned to be free – Jean Paul Satre

It can be argued that mankind has never been truly free and that many have chosen their own poisons or construct their own prisons, with the trappings of work place, gated community dwellings etc (aka walled gardens of today’s internet era) – the trappings of living seemingly free. If so were the case, then why not let the internet be as it is and each to his own creativity or poison, than circumvent the same with new rules.

Facebook’s ongoing ‘Free basics’ ad blitz is possibly propping
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Netizens are not told what they can watch or should / could do on the internet. They are left open to the variances of web browsing or video consumptions and to their own volition. So why change all that from tomorrow? It has worked, fostered creativity and allowed many many new ideas to flourish. Competition, collaboration, co creation, coopetition have all stood and are standing the test of time. Will this get better in the walled gardens and branded internet era. We honestly don’t know!

And so prompts many straight questions – as to why and for what true purpose is free basics seeking to impact: Some these questions are not new in the net neutrality debates and go as :

Does free basics violate net neutrality?
Is free in free basics just a marketing gimmick?
Will I be comprising freedom if I chose free basics?
Will it distort free and fair competition?
Is free basics a euphemism for zero rating?
The Internet is an open space, will free basics change that?
What about privacy, freedom of expression and the fact

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