Social Reform In The American Renaissance

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“The only thing necessary for triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” During the time of the American Renaissance people only looked out for what they could profit from, rather than what they could do to profit the entire community, so the evil of the world triumphed in a persons lack of generosity and kindness towards other human beings. The American Renaissance, also known as the rebirth, made people think about the way they were living their lives and how they were treating the people around them. It was between the years 1840-1870 and in those years authors were writing to express the values of courage, honesty, and good morality. In the American Renaissance time period there was a hunger for social reform. Herman Melville acknowledges that people only look out for themselves and their own success in life. Redburn questioned himself on whether he had the “ smile and be glad, when sights like this were to be seen.” He feels as if nobody could possibly be …show more content…
The people of the world now know that women are equal-- know that slaves are people too-- know that people only look out for themselves in rough times. Social reform in the American Renaissance was a major factor as to how the United States turned out today. The authors wrote the words that most people were not willing to say, but needed to hear and that has made America the free and loving country it is. Seeing people 's true colors, acknowledging that other races are just as important as another 's, and having women being treated as equals with men are the key factors of the social reformation in the American Renaissance. If this time period would not have happened, then the world would be a cruel and hateful place, rather than the amazing place we call

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