Frankenfood: Gmo Foods and Their Effects on Us and the Planet

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It is like something out of a sci-fi movie; Scientists injecting genes from an animal into the genes of a plant in order to create one super crop. As weird as this may sound, it is exactly what’s going on now, and these super crops are known as Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs. These crops are becoming more and more accepted in today’s agriculture business. This type of bioengineering is being used to yield more crops and curb the effects of herbicides. But the risks in using GMOs may far outweigh the benefits. GMO foods are becoming increasingly available and are a threat to our health and our agricultural system.
Basically GMOs are organisms that have had their genes altered through bio-engineering. These plants and/or animals
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In theory, GMOs are great for people. Farmers are able to harvest more crops, the crops aren’t covered in herbicides, and they come at a cheaper price to consumers. People all over the world are beginning to accept the use of GMO crops. And they have good reason to accept them. There are numerous benefits to GMOs including, but not limited to, herbicide resistance, pest resistance, cold tolerance, and nutrition. With these new crops, farmers don’t have to worry as much about their plants dying from disease or frost. One instance of this is shown where scientists tried to introduce genes of arctic fish into tomatoes in order to prevent them from freezing and give them the ability to grow longer into cold seasons. (Priesnitz) I’m sure many of the orange farmers in Florida wish they could use that technology in order to protect their orchards which can be ruined by late spring frosts. Many backers of GMOs don’t believe in the risks or dangers they can pose, “I’m not aware of one case, one time, anywhere when someone got so much as a bellyache from exposure to or eating GM plants.” (Bowles) And it’s true; GMOs may not pose any immediate adverse effects. People have been unknowingly eating them for years, and most likely, to this point, they have not seen anything bad happen to them. To them, GMO foods are just an advancement in technology like cell phones, laptops, and TVs. While these three advancements seem harmless as

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