Francis Bacon 's Novum Organism : The Idol Of The Tribe Essay

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The main goal in a human’s life is to seek understanding, whether it be something large scale like to understanding the universe or something smaller scale like figuring out the latest Iphone. Francis Bacon wrote Novum Organism to create a better philosophical understanding of prejudices humans have created when it comes to acquiring and determining truth. He categorized four types of prejudices and named them all different idols: The Idol of the Tribe, the Idol of the Cave, the Idol of the Market-place, and the Idol of the Theatre. Bacon’s purpose was to challenge what people claim to know, based on existing theories about truth, with a more scientific examination. He pushed empirical methods, which relied largely on observation, to solve problems. Bacon believed that truth would be delivered to humans through collected, perceptible data. The first idol Bacon described was the Idol of the Tribe which embodies when humans cannot reason clearly due to the way they have chosen to see the world. One’s imagination is derived from what a person experiences and how they perceive those experiences throughout their lifetime. For example, Ryan Lochte, the Olympic swimmer, has had the admiration of the public over the years based on his skills and charming camera façade. Though he appeared to be a respectable man, he has since made decisions that do not reflect the ideal standard of an American especially during the Rio Games. Even though Lochte did many commendable things in his…

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