Essay about Francesco Petrarca And The True Restoration Of Rome

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Francesco Petrarca and the True Restoration of Rome Ever since the fall of the Roman Empire many people and entities have claimed to be its inheritor. From Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire and from the Roman Catholic Church to the lowest of Barbarian tribes whose contact with Rome was so minimal that they would even know what a Roman was, everyone claimed they were the society that most deserved the title of the successor to Roman greatness, however one humble Italian man had a different way of thinking that would not only blaze the trail of the Renaissance but also restore glory to the true Rome. Francesco Petrarca was from a Florentine family that was exiled to France for the majority of his youth. Having grown up under the unique circumstance of being not quite wealthy but not truly what would be considered poor and as an exiled Italian living in France who was humble in his personality and faith, Petrarca had the chance to view the world from a vantage point which had presented a view that was fixated on Rome. Petrarca would honor the position of Rome like few before him with his attempts to restore Roman works, humility and respect towards the past, and desire to return prestige to the city of Rome. Though growing up away from his familiar home land of Italy Petrarca still felt a deep connection to the historical writings of Rome. Petrarca often found himself longing to live in any age but the one he was born too which is why “In order to forget my own times, I…

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