The Foundations Of Measurement Course Reflection

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EDF 6460 Foundations of Measurement
The Foundations of Measurement course’s purpose is to educate future leaders on data assessments and areas in need of improvement based off of data. This course dove into the importance of ethics within the educational system, formative and summative assessment, and the analysis of comparing data. Through this course, I was able to complete the online certification from the National Institute of Health Office of Extramural Research.
As a future leader, data analysis is an important component to the educational atmosphere. This course allowed me to analyze different classroom data, compare and contrast the data, and create implementations or accommodations to help close the achievement gap between classes. Education revolves around closing the achievement gap between students in the school system; this course
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This vital opportunity gave me the knowledge of what administrators are looking for in each room. Viewing another teacher teaching in the classroom is one of the most useful strategies teacher can use to improve instruction in the classroom. Knowing that this technique is eye opening will allow me to incorporate this walk through strategy for struggling teachers, in my future role as an administrator. After the walk through I was about to shift my thinking from a classroom teacher to an administrator. This course also helped me to define my philosophy of education. During this class I found that my philosophy of education is derived from the successful learning atmosphere of a child, which starts with ensuring the children understand their purpose of the learning. My educational belief is that learning in the classroom should be student centered with teacher facilitation to guide the learning. Being able to dissect my philosophy of education allows me to reflect on how I would envision classrooms running in my future

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