Essay on Foster Parents Should Be A Foster Parent

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Foster parents should be more closely checked before they can foster and after have more surprise check ups after receiving a child in the U.S Not everyone is suitable to become a foster parent. For Example, “two kids on the run from a former foster mother who had bound their hands with zip ties and beat them.” Another story said that “ a lancaster foster father sexually abused two young sisters in his care. Even cases of abuse scattered through California 's privatized foster care system”, children whipped with belts, burdened with a car cigarette lighters, and traumatized by beatings and threats (Therolf). This means that the children that were abused as a child will be traumatized as they grew up. They probably might not even live a healthy life. If a child got abused really severely the child might grow up mentally disabled. Although people might have good intentions to care for a foster child foster parents should be more closely selected and monitored. In addition, Abuse in foster homes is an issue now because there is more children that are getting abused. On an average many people including children will get abused. It is very unlikely that someone that has been abused will come out and speak the truth. “In 1974, congress passed the child abuse prevention and treatment act” (Lawrence). Even though this act was passed children are still getting abused. This shows that the government/and or social workers tried to stop the abuse but the government/and or social…

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