Fossil Fuels Are The Dominant Source Of Energy Being Used By Humans

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In today’s world, fossil fuels are the dominant source of energy being used by humans. The percentage use of this source of energy ranges from 80 to 90 percent. Fossil fuels can be used directly (e.g. gasoline) or to produce electricity. The top three fossil fuels that are used in the United States are coal, oil and gas. One of the problems with fossil fuels is that they are nonrenewable resources which means that they will run out. Other problems that come with it are direct pollution, air pollution and global warming. All fossil fuels have a different amount of supplies left on the earth, require different methods of being extracted from Earth and have various environmental consequences. Coal is a combustible rock composed mainly of carbon that has been classified in several ways, such as peat, lignite, bituminous coal, and anthracite. It forms from the lithification of peat. Coal was widely used before the discovery of oil and gas. The Industrial Revolution increased the demand for coal in Europe and in the United States. As of today, coal supplies 20-25% of United States energy needs. Reserves of this resource should last until around 2500 AD. The United States consumes approximately 1.2 billion tons of coal per year. According to the EIA (Energy Information Administration) the U.S. is estimated to have 489 billion short tons of reserve coal supplies, but as of right now, only 262 billion tons are available for mining. As for the future of coal, the U.S has about a 235…

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