What Are Fossil Fuels Controversial

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Fossil Fuels Controversy Fossil fuels are one of the leading energy source throughout the United States and the world, this will be backed up further in the paper. Fossil fuels are a natural fuel such as coal and gas. Fossil fuels are burned to fulfill our everyday needs such as house heating, running our cars, and power industry and manufacturing. Fossil fuels are important because they are burned and produce great amounts of energy. Although fossil fuels are powering many different things there is a downside. Fossil fuels are causing pollution in the environment. When the fossil fuels are burned, they release carbon and nitrogen into the air. These two gases pollute the water around us and the air that we breath. When do the positives and …show more content…
Fossil fuel plants work to power many different things. Fossil fuels generate steam, electricity and transportation plants. People utilize fossil fuels everyday without realizing they are. Fossil fuels to run our cars and heat our houses. Can we live without fossil fuels? If we did not have fossil fuels today people would not be living like they are and our modern world would not be the same. We would not be able to drive cars and have electricity. In the United States fossil fuels make up for ninety five percent for powering the transportation sector. Also in the United states fossil fuels power sixty six point nine percent of the electrical energy consumption as stated by (The Institute for Energy Research). Many other products are being made using fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are powering the plants and machines that make and produce the food that we eat every day. “Fossil fuels are used to fuel cars and airplanes, power electric plants, and heat our homes.”(The Institute For Energy Research) So is there another solution to creating energy and providing enough energy to power the modern world as fossil fuels …show more content…
So is there a need to switch? Attempting to switch energy sources throughout the whole world would be very complicated. One of the other main concerns with fossil fuels is that we will eventually run out of coal, oil, and gases. As stated by (Ecotricity) the fossil fuels that we know of right know will last us only until the year of 2088. There are also some reasons why this won’t happen. These stats are with the technology we have now and these are the resources that we know of only now. The fossil fuel usage will be cut down but the energy they put out will be the same. Although it would be near impossible to stop burning fossil fuels to a different source of energy there are some other things that can be done. There are different things that businesses and people as individuals are doing to cut down pollution in the environment. Businesses are developing and implementing effective corporate management gives businesses opportunity to manage the energy they use. For people throughout the world, helping cut down on fossil fuel emissions is pretty easy. People can take little steps such as turn lights off, computers and other electronics while not using them. They can also buy equipment that uses less energy. (EPA) Either way you look at the argument people still need energy to live their everyday life. The world needs energy to keep up and running and to prosper. Without not many things would be

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