Formal Vs Informal Communication Essay

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Communication The two types of communication are formal and informal. The communication in which the flow of information is already defined is termed as Formal Communication. The communication follows a hierarchical chain of command which is established by the organization itself. ( communication which does not follow any pre-defined channel for the transmission of information is known as informal communication. This type of communication moves freely in all directions, and thus, it is very quick and rapid. ( The United States Marine Corp communication was always formal. The different kinds of communication that was use were request, commands, orders and reports. Request came from subordinates to superiors. Commands were from superior to subordinates. Orders came from subordinates to superiors. Reports came from either superior to subordinates or from subordinates to superiors. The Marine Corp communicates verbal and non-verbal. When they spoke to you verbally it was a command or an order to do to something. When it was non-verbal it was more of you know what you are supposed to do. In the Marine Corp your body language …show more content…
I say the assertive side because I make my own choices and take responsibility for them. I like to be in control, but still respecting the other people that are involved. I like to achieve goals without hurting others. I don’t look to gain more by bringing the person down next to me. I like to think there is enough for everyone. When I’m available or I’m not able to do something I communicate with that person and let them know why I can’t make it. I do not like to just leave the conversation blank like “I can’t make it today,” when I have planned to do something with

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