Foraging Behavior Essay

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What is Foraging Behavior?

According to our textbook, foraging behavior also known as feeding behavior involves locating and selecting food as well as gathering and capturing food. (1136). It also states that ecologist study the cost and benefits of searching for and selecting certain types of food as well as the mechanism used to locate prey. (1136). Foraging behaviors also have other characteristics such as optimal foraging and whether or not the species is considered a generalist or a specialist. Every animal uses its own attack strategy when it comes to foraging behavior and their prey have their own technique on how to Lessing there changes of being eaten. Our textbook defines optimal foraging as the most efficient way
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() They do eat insects and small animals as well but most of the time it’s some sort of plant. To get a better understanding on how optimal foraging is seen in bears, the textbook states that a grizzly bear would mostly like stay in one place and dig for food then to go out and chase it’s food. The reason being is due to the fact that it is more energy efficient to dig for food because the bears’ efforts probably will be rewarded whereas leaving him hungry and unsuccessful because the prey got away.() Another example the textbook give us is how lions forage. On page 1137 there is a graph that shows optimal foraging is based upon the lion’s group size. During seasons where food was in demand the size of the group didn’t matter but when there was a low supply of available food the size matter. As stated previously grizzly bears are considered generalist. Generalist can be defined as species that are able to thrive in a wide variety of environmental conditions and can make use of a variety of different resources. Other examples of generalist species include but not limited to: deer, mice, and raccoons. According to an article on Deer have biological characteristics that require them to specialize in eating nutritious browse like shrubs that are high in energy and easy to digest. Deer require less food because specialized diet requires that they spend more time selecting the more nutritious food. Deer are always in search of food

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