Essay on Football And Its Influence On Football

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There is no denying that Football is one of the most popular sports that exist. Ever since 1885, it has been one of America’s favorite sports. It became “football” by a combination of soccer and rugby. It first became popular in England back in the nineteenth century. Historians have done research to see how the sport has spread throughout the country. During this time, the popularity of football grew to college campuses such as Yale, Harvard, Rutgers, Brown, and Princeton. It was not until November 6th, 1869, that the first college football game was officially played at Princeton and Rutgers, and that is where the famous game of Football emerged. Football has quickly become one of the most popular, intriguing, and influencing sports in the world. As Football began to grow more popular throughout college campuses, there still were not as many rules or playing styles as there is now. Harvard and Princeton created the Intercollegiate Football Association, or IFA. This is where players and coaches would discuss the rules of the game. Walter Camp is an important founded of Football. He was a student at Yale and had an extreme passion for the sport. When he attended the IFA meetings, he came up with most of the rules and styles of the game. He gave Football control and the players understood the different positions, such as, defense, offense, quarterback, etc. (Danzig, Allison) Once Football’s fame started to grow, many people looked up…

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