Food : The Most Important Part Of Dinner Essay

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Food: The Least Important Part of Dinner A lot of American families are either eating out or coking ready-made food instead of preparing a meal at home due to their busy schedules. In an article titled Takeout NATIONS, Adler describes how families are making the time to eat together but they are just stopping on the way home and picking up food that is already prepared for them (52-54). Although it is positive that Americans are trying to eat as a family, there is a lot of quality time and life lessons that could be getting lost. Taking the time to plan, shop, and prepare home cooked meals should be a higher priority in American households. Getting children involved early during the meal planning process can have a lot of benefits. Depending on the age of the child/children this could range from a child picking between chicken or beef or getting online and looking up recipes.
Let your child plan a meal. This is with your guidance of course. This will help them understand the importance of a balanced, nutritious meal, and why each food is important. They can also begin to understand serving sizes. Tell them they have to pick at least one green vegetable. If they make the choice and prepare it, they will eat it, or at least try it! (Mintz 8-9)
Planning meals can also help them understand time management and how to plan around a busy schedule. Plan your own ready-made meals. For instance, when grocery shopping is over start preparing a few meals right then. Meat and…

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