Food Stamp Programs Cause Obesity Essay

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Changing the Food Stamp Program, Changing Lives Are food stamps saving lives or making them worse? The Federal Government has funded the food stamp program, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), since the 1960’s to keep low income families from starving. However, today’s food stamp program has morphed into something much bigger. This change is not necessarily better. (“EDITORIAL: Start small in reforming food stamp program”) Over the decades, the changes that have been made allow recipients to purchase soft drinks, “luxury” items, and sugary snacks. This is only heightening the obesity in America. Per the article, “Food Stamp Programs Cause Obesity:”
As the program has grown, so has the percentage of Americans who are obese-from 13% in the early 1960’s to about 35%...those who received food stamps were more likely to be overweight than non-recipients. They gained weight faster while receiving assistance than when not. (Vanderkam)
The food stamp program must be reformed to decrease the fraudulent use, encourage recipients to work harder for what they receive, and limit choices in hopes of lowering the rate of obesity. When I was a younger, after the recession in 2008, my family lived pay check to pay check as did many families. Money for food got tighter so it was no surprise that we did not have snacks in our house; we only bought what we needed, not luxury items. We tried using coupons and bought the generic brands of most grocery items. My family tried to…

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