Essay about Food Spoilage

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1. Causes of food spoilage and food poisoning.

What is Food Spoilage?
Food spoilage is caused by tiny invisible organisms called bacteria. Bacteria live everywhere we live, and most of them don't do us any harm.

Pathogens: Harmful Bacteria
The bacteria we're concerned with from a food safety standpoint are the so-called "pathogens" that cause food poisoning. And these pathogens, like salmonella or Escherichia coli, don't produce any smells, off-tastes or changes in the food's appearance — a slimy surface, for instance, or some sort of discoloration.

2. Safety and Hygiene procedure used to prevent food spoilage and food poisoning.

Microbe Management
So how do we control these nasties? One way would be to starve them out.
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All other illnesses and skin conditions must be reported to a manager or the license holder who then needs to determine if these conditions pose a risk of spreading bacteria or disease should the person continue to handle food.

Safe food handling
Food service facilities shall ensure that they purchase ingredients from reputable suppliers, with quality assured systems that maintain a high standard of food hygiene.
Storing Food
Stored foods must clearly display ‘Use by’ or ‘Best Before’ dates with:
Chilled food kept at below 8 degrees Celsius
Hot food kept above 63 degrees Celsius
Raw food kept away from ready to eat foods, ideally in separate fridges
Raw meat in sealable containers at the bottom of the fridge
Fridges must not be overloaded
Dried foods stored off the floor, in suitably sealed containers, to protect them from pests

Food Preparation
Food should be handled so as to prevent contamination and handlers should:
Observe good personal hygiene
Use different chopping

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