Food Security And Sustainable Food Systems Essay

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Food shortage has always presented itself as a prevalent part of the history of humankind. Today, countries and their populations express more awareness of issues such as hunger, famine, and the burgeoning food crisis, particularly on the global level. Hence, the terms of food security and sustainable food systems have birth in the mid 1970’s. Consequently, the formations of initiatives and assistance programs, as well as, policies to address these issues become a chief concern, especially the concepts of food security and sustainable food systems. However, another noteworthy factor influencing the precepts of food security came into visualization via evidence when the Green Revolution failed to reduce dramatically the levels of malnutrition, as well as, poverty, but instead established the concept of effective demand. Thus, the question arises, what are these concepts and how are they defined?

Therefore, let us begin by establishing the definitions and meanings of these concepts. The primary impetus of food security revolves around the access of individuals, as well as, populations to both healthy food and optimal nutrition. According to the Food Security Network (n.d.), the term food security relates to all people at all times having not only physical, but economic access to sufficient quantities of food that provides nutrition, as well as, being safe, and culturally suitable food so that the individual has the ability to maintain both a healthy and active life.

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