Food Modification Of Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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Food Modification Dr. Art Dunham a veterinarian for farm animals believe that Genetically Modified foods are the leading cause of food borne illness outbreaks. For several years, he believed GM foods destroy animals’ and human’s health. In one of his studies, Art Dunham observed herds with manganese( element necessary for bone formation, absorption of calcium , and proper functioning of the thyroid gland) deficiency and dead calves with deformation in their bones. After a couple of tests on dead calves he found little or no manganese in their livers, He found that during the genetic modification when glyphosate bind to nutrients in plants they cause these plants to become manganese deficient making them vulnerable to diseases, then when animal eat the foods of these plants they do not find the manganese necessary to develop their bones which cause bone deformation in some animals and the death of others. (Joe) Things like this should not be happening, and we have the possibility to change the way food are made so that no animal should have to die like the calves. Genetically modified food should be carefully regulated because of safety concerns and the damages they cause to the environment; instead, the Federal Government should recommend the recollection of these foods for further study to protect ourselves, and promote healthy eating.
Genetically modified foods lead to safety concerns. They contain toxic materials that can lead to serious health hazards. They can alter…

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