Organic Foods Term Paper

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The objective of this report is to recommend the widespread use of genetically modified food to feed a large population, instead of organic food.
As the world’s population grows and its agriculture industry diminished there is a concern with how the world would be fed, either with organic food or genetically modified food. In recent years technological advancement in biotechnology and genetic engineering allows for the rapidly growing use of genetically modified food, specifically crops. Genetically modified crops are crops that have their seed modified through genetic engineering techniques that allow for the selection of desirable traits. In order to produce these traits in organic food it would require selective
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Corn has increased at an annual rate of 42 % from 9.8MH to 51MH. (Figure 2) Many countries rely on the production of biotech crops have over millions of hectares. These crops are vital to the economy of these countries, these countries include the United States, the Philippines, Bolivia, and many more countries. (Figure 3)
Over the past decade GM food have become widely available. There are millions of hectares of GM food throughout the world, the production of these crops are vital to the economy of the producing it. Although there are no direct links between GM food and any possible side effects it is important to test them before making it available for general consumption. Overall consumers are confident that GM food is an asset to society, but believe that they should be properly labeled.
While organic food may seem healthier than GM food they both in fact contain almost identical nutritional value. Because of the genetically modification done to GM food they can be produced globally and with ease making it the ideal form of food to feed a large

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