Essay on Food Market Is A Grocery Store

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CLA food market is a grocery store that sells mainly produces and dry goods that originate in Asian countries. There are food ranging from fresh produce to roasted pig. The cheap price and cleanliness is what attracts customer and is located at the most convenient location to stop by and pick up grocery. When I first walked into the market no one greeted me. All of the employees were either in the back preparing items to be stocked or at checkout. As I was shopping, I noticed the employees didn’t care if the customer needed assistant in finding in item or not. It was hard to find someone to assist when I had questions. For example, I was searching for cilantro and I couldn’t find it, there wasn’t any employee present I can ask, to show me where it is or whether they have it in stock. The smell of the food market, right when you walk through the entrance, is of roasted pig and duck. Every week on Saturdays, roasted pig and duck are sold; the aroma quickly fills the market and can be smelled throughout the store. The second prevalent smell was fish, when I walked near the area where fish, squid, and shrimp was sold; there was a strong smell of fish and salt water. Then, when I went to the produce side it smells fresh, like being in a garden because of the fresh produce, how they kept the area cleaned, and there wasn’t any produce that were rotting. The use of space in the food market wasn’t efficient. On the produce are, in the middle of the aisle, there were…

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