Food Is The Necessity That Rules Our Lives Essay

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Food just like water, is the necessity that rules our lives and what we need to survive. Unlike water, we have choices and different ways we eat food creating many different diets and lifestyles. The way we eat influences our lives like where we go for dinner and our diet. Most of the time this choice is made by distance of the place or price and not what is in the food. We judge food based on factors like taste and price. The food industry takes advantage of our wants giving it to us, so we buy their product. We think we are in control of our eating habits, but we are not because of the lack of knowledge given by the industry and the shear fact we do not seek the answers instead following where the industry takes us. As time goes by that we do not look out for ourselves or control our diets, we let the industrial food dominate us and blind us from other options or alternatives. There is now a huge need to take charge and take control and that is what is needed to do. If the you rise up and take control of your diet, you will become healthier and feel better about yourself. The first step in changing your diet for the better is to first learn about your food and not blindly following the industrial food makers. Agriculture is what is thought to produce most of our food like well treated cows and rich crops, but it is not necessarily true. In the article “When a Crop Becomes King” it talks about how corn has taken a major influence in our diet and in industry and in this…

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