From Food To Nutrients By Michael Pollan Analysis

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Is standing up for what is right or wrong good or bad? Michael Pollan stands up for people who have no earthly idea of what they put in their bodies. Michael Pollan author of “From food to Nutrients” gives us his opinion of how food has shaped society as it is today. How it has revolutionized over the past century, and how changes have been made to an American’s everyday life. People may not have any idea of what they put into their bodies, but should they know? Society has gotten along great without anyone telling them what they should and should not eat. Michael Pollan’s point of view is reasonable, but what about from the business’s point of view. They are taking the biggest hit if we tell people what they can and can not eat! Is it reasonable …show more content…
For example, the candy you pick up, and the greasy fast food you eat are not foods our body needs. Sugar is not good for you, in fact it clogs your arteries and leads to health problems. People do not understand what they are actually putting in their bodies! In fact, some people would consider fast food restaurants as poison foods. There are no health benefits to what they serve you other than satisfaction. Michael Pollan the author of “From food to Nutrients” makes an effort to tell his point of view of food today. The difference from food in the past to what it is in the present day. Michael Pollan’s primary argument in his article, is that people have absolutely no clue what they are putting in their bodies. Food is not just something that is just supposed to satisfy your empty stomach! Foods primary goal is to keep you running. The energy you burn today is because of what you ate yesterday. Michael Pollan tells us “eat more of the right foods, fewer of the wrong, and you will live longer and avoid chronic diseases.” His argument is plain and clear, what you do today will affect how we live and feel tomorrow. Chronic disease can be avoided and you can live to your full potential health …show more content…
Where the fittest people survive and the weak or unfit not necessarily die off, but die in a more expedited time. People have always been subjected to adversity in their lives, so should we try to limit that with helping people make the right choices with their food? The question is simple, yet the answer is hard to identify. People may be completely oblivious to the truth and maybe that is okay. Most people who care will take the time to learn about vitamins and other nutrients they put in their bodys. The blame can be put on a single person because they are responsible for themselves. You are the king to your

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