Essay about Food Is Processed Food Products

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Today, most foods are processed in some way, and they are difficult to avoid. The common thought about processed food is that it is something produced in a factory. That is true, but the actual definition of a processed food is “anything that is altered from its original form and nutritional value” (Nestle). Freezing, pasteurizing, cooking, and canning – these are all ways by which food is processed (SC#9). Supermarkets make buying processed food all too easy, and people take advantage of that. Not only do supermarkets fill their shelves almost entirely with processed foods, they sell such foods at a much lower price than organic foods. Both organic and processed foods contain necessary nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fats, and sugars. Processed foods, in contrast to organic foods, contain ingredients – added sugars, preservatives, and artificial coloring ¬– in addition to the nutrients that they provide (SC#10). “One could follow a completely processed diet and survive, but it would bring about health complications” (Nestle). Processed food has been a part of the common American diet for many years now, and it is starting to show results. The childhood obesity rate has tripled, heart disease has risen about twenty-four percent (both in the last ten years), and certain types of cancer and disease have been surfacing in relation to consumption of pesticides and genetically-modified organisms (Orenstein; State of Obesity). “Four of the top ten causes for death in…

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