Essay on Food Intake

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Food Intake Daniel Catura SCI-220/Human Nutrition January 26, 2011 James A. Davis

Food Intake The iProfile Journal entry I entered is for the day of Tuesday, January 25, 2011. The food and drink I consumed on Tuesday is like that of an average day for me with the exception of the alcohol I drank in the evening. I had an everyday breakfast of hash browns, eggs, bacon, and toast. I also drank a cup of orange juice and two cups of two percent milk. I do not usually eat at fast food restaurants, but for lunch I went to Long John Silver’s, where I ordered a number three off the restaurant’s menu. A number three includes
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Just with this information, I can say honestly, I did not eat healthy on Tuesday. I did manage to intake all seven food groups into my diet. Unfortunately, some were underrepresented, and others were overrepresented. The two groups I seemed to consume healthy in were vegetables and oils. The groups that are underrepresented were grains, fruits, and milk. The groups that are overrepresented were discretionary, and meat and beans. I was very taken back that I did not take in the recommended number of servings from each group. I am on a very strict work-out and exercise regiment, and I have been planning my meals very carefully for the last two months. I try to eat as much protein as possible during the day because my personal trainer is always pushing me to. For myself, breakfast and dinner gave me the opportunity to make better decisions when it came to my diet. I thought I was making good decisions when it came to what I was eating. I also did not have to go to the bar in the evening, and have a few drinks. I choose fast food for lunch because of the convenience of the location, and the amount of time I had to get things done in my schedule. In the future, I can always prepare a more balanced lunch to bring with me if I cannot be at home or if I know I will be pressed time later in the day. This should cut down on my over growing dependency on fast food restaurants. I can also pack oranges, apples, and bananas as snack to eat during the

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