Food Intake-3 Days Essay

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Food Intake – 3 Days
Edgar Burgos Cruz
University of Phoenix
SCI/220 Human Nutrition
September 12, 2013
Prof. Pierre Edvrard Pharel

Food Intake – 3 Days
During this week, I Edgar Burgos had to conduct a food intake for 3 consecutive days. This paper will describe my nutritional endeavor for the past three days. I will provide different aspects of my nutritional needs and an in depth analysis on how proteins fats carbohydrates and fiber take part in my everyday diet and what are these functions. This is intended to broaden my views of a healthy lifestyle, and how to achieve it through a variety of food groups.
During the 3 days food intake, I ate chicken, steak, beans, eggs and turkey which provided proteins. For carbohydrates I had:
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Some of the problems caused are colon cancer, obesity, and diabetes. My diet met the minimum number of servings of foods from each fiber-containing group. Apples, olives, wheat bread and vegetables provided the fibers during my 3 days food intake. In the future, I will consume more fiber rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. Some examples of foods that are high in fiber would include pears, apples, bananas, black beans, and brown rice.
Dietary Modifications
After completing this assignment and keeping a record of my diet of the three days, I feel that I could benefit from making some simple changes to my diet. For example, I will strive to include more variety in my diet. I will try to eat more of a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains each day in an effort to raise my fiber intake on any given day. My diet does not currently consist of fiber-rich bean dishes, such as chili, beans in salad, or split-pea soup. Eating whole fruit, instead of fruit juices, is important for having a well-balanced diet. Whole fruits include the right amount of nutrients.
When consumed as juice, these fruits loose nutritional value and most likely include a high amount of sugar. In addition, the fiber content is not as high when consumed in the form of juice. In an effort to live a healthy life that includes a healthy diet, I now understand that it is so important to eat a variety of foods that include the right

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