Food Ethnography Project : Whole Foods Grocery Essay

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Food Ethnography Project:
Whole Foods Grocery VS.
C-Town Supermarket

Noreyli Tejeda
Prof. Garza

It is an unfortunate reality that millions of Americans are inaccessible to nutritious and healthy foods. This is particularly the case in those living in low income neighborhoods. Food options such as fast-food restaurants and convenience stores are primarily dominant in these areas. The lack of options lead to health issues and higher rates of obesity in these communities. In this ethnography project, I compared the food prices of a Whole Foods Grocery (WFG) in the Tribeca area of Manhattan, to a C-Town Supermarket in the upper west side of the Bronx. I chose to observe these two supermarkets because one is located in a predominantly white neighborhood, while the other resides in a Latino and Black community. I thought that these two specific locations would give me a distinct experience with the variety of customers and workers in the neighborhoods. The main focus of this ethnography is to compare the price, experience and atmosphere of these two supermarkets. “Studies that have examined the relationship between access to food stores and obesity show that the type of stores available makes a difference for residents.”(Johnson, 2012, pg.1) This study shows how Americans living in urban areas are lacking access to healthy affordable foods due to the disparity of nutritious supermarkets in their area.
Upon visiting both supermarkets there were many…

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