Food and Beverage Essay

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In this assignment, the main concerns would be analysed utilising the information provided in this case study and help identify various possibilities, which affected the inaccurate accounting figures. A critical evaluation of the current procedures would be carried out, as these procedures in terms of purchasing, receiving, storing and production would be suggested to the general manager. Likewise, appropriate and professional recommendations would be provided to improve the difficult situation that the management is facing.
As mentioned by Lockwood, Alcott and Pentelidis (2008) “The food and beverage operations largely follow a basic input, process, output model.” This model consists of the following steps in
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And also with comparison to food products, the beverage will contribute more profits than food as they require fewer staff to process them into a finished product for the customer.


Receiving of goods is very important as it has monetary value and that it is essential to ensure that exactly this value in goods is properly accounted for and received. The manager has to make sure that as a receiving party, they have to check the quantity of goods delivered whether it matches the quantity that has been ordered and also ensure that the goods delivered is in good condition. This is supported by Wood (2007) “Great care and attention must be given to receiving of goods as after all, ordering specific quantities and qualities at optimum prices constitutes no guarantee that the products ordered will actually be delivered. The primary objective of receiving controls is to verify that quantities, qualities and prices of food delivered conform to orders placed.”

To carry out the receiving procedure, there are three steps that the receiving party will have to carry out. Firstly is to verify the quantity which they can do it by weighing or counting of a particular food product upon delivery to check if it matches both the invoice and the

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