Flowers in the Attic Response Essay

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Flowers in the attic This summer I read the story Flowers in the attic by V.C Andrew. It was a story of a very happy family that was struck with disaster when their husband and father dies in a car accident and they lose everything. Momma decides to seek help from her mother and father (very rich and old) who disowned her when she married her husband. Since she was disowned she decides to hide her four children from her father. He is on his death bed and is likely to die soon so she decides to put her kids Chris, Cathy, Cory, and Carrie in the attic of the mansion until her father dies and she inherits the money, with the help of her mother. She tells them that they will only be in the attic for a few days but as days pass so do the …show more content…
They soon start to realize that Cory didn’t die because of the conditions of the attic. They were all showing the same symptoms that he did but they figured out that they were poisoned by the grandmother with powdered donuts that she brought to them that were also laced with arsenic. Cory died first because the donuts were the only thing he would eat and the others would give him theirs since that was all he wanted to eat. Momma was trying to kill them off because grandfather had been sneaky when he wrote the will and they realized he had died long ago and in his will was a statement that said she would not inherit the money if she had had children from a previous marriage.
Another quote from the story is, “Now you have a real window to look into the lives of others, TV.” This quote is true because television shows you things you could never think up on your own and it shows it to you and you get engrossed in it and it soon took over their lives. Watch TV was all they wanted to do. They wanted to eat in front of the TV and spend the whole day there. Soon they no longer went upstairs to play and they never wanted to leave from the TV. Soon also they wanted everything that was on the TV like all the food and all the toys and even the lives of all the people on the TV. This story was very sad but I couldn't put it down. It told of so many things you wouldn't think happen but you know they could very much

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