Florentine Codex Translation Essay

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Florentine Codex Translation The Florentine Codex has four version available to read. The original Nahuatl version, Spanish, English from spanish translation, and the new English from Nahuatl translation. Among these four versions, they both discuss the same story line without much variation. But it's the small differences in the Old vs New English that create interesting difference that change certain details and emotions. The new direct Nahuatl translation is of course the more true and preferred version for accurate information. But between these two versions you can see the errors that are constantly being made and the pieces of information that are essentially lost in translation. This can as well compel other historians to revise …show more content…
This adds a whole new level of what type of appeasement Montezuma was trying to do. This this amount of new gifts, we can tell that Montezuma was really working hard to impress the intimidating and futuristic Spaniards. Another tiny detail that was change was the type of respect and admire people had for Montezuma. In the older version, it is said that "Montezuma...for I and all who are coming with me like him very much". In the newer version "...we greatly esteem him". These two words without inspection don't seem to carry much difference, but it doesn't show a much higher level of respect for Montezuma. Using the word like is a very basic and unexciting form of respect. But when you have esteem being used, it adds a sense that these people highly respect and look up to him like a role model almost. They can most likely as well be at least little envious of his status and power being the kind of king that he is. Using "like" almost seems like they passively respect him without much thought into it. Esteem really put emphasis in what they feel emotionally towards him. Overall a reader can see these little differences add up to a much more different image compared to someone reading the older version. The encounter was much more friendlier than thought of before. Montezuma was significantly more generous and willing to shift power to these Spaniards. Details in actions

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