Flatware Essay

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The term globalization has many meanings such as technological and cultural processes. How often do you look at your article of clothing and/or other objects that you use in your day to day life, and see that it is made in a country other than US? This is why the US is considered a lazy country to many other countries. We put every other country through the labor just so we can buy it for cheap and sell it for more on US territory, while the people who worked their behinds off get paid way lower than what we consider minimum wage. Throughout this essay, you will see just how much the flatware industry has changed throughout the years. Traveling Flatware is an article that focuses on the socio-historical evolution of flatware. According to the text, flatware used to reflect your social status—“Wealthy travelers were not only exposed to the latest fashions in dining accessories…”—and that forks were “largely limited to royalty and the aristocracy…”. This article is a great example of how flatware has evolved over the centuries. Now, …show more content…
According to a scholarly article titled China’s Flatware Industry, China is estimated to have 300 to 500 suppliers who specialize in flatware. China is causing manufacturers within the US to be on the verge of shutting down. This is because of their cheap pricing. One of the companies that is on the verge of shutting down is Oneida. Oneida was founded in 1880 and grew to be the world’s largest flatware producer, with manufacturing plants in four different countries and sales at more than $500million. “But in the early 2000s, Oneida fell into a steep, sharp decline, as the rise of low-cost Asian manufacturing eviscerated its sales. In 2004, it gave up on domestic manufacturing and announced plans to close the plant it had run in Sherrill for 125 years” states an article titled Silver Spoons Gone. This article focuses on Oneida and how China is slowly but surely taking away their

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