Globalization In Thomas Friedman's The World Is Flat

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THE GENESIS OF THE NEW WORLD Globalization, as observed in today’s modern era, is very much profound in our society. In my understanding, it is defined as the increasing incorporation and interdependence of domestic and overseas markets heartrending the world or others say- interconnectedness of states as general. We can view this in all possible aspects not only in the field of economics but also in terms of politics, arts, sciences, technologies, and culture. This let us exist in an epoch ‘when the walls started falling all around the world, and integration, and the backlash to it, went to a whole new level’ as what Friedman says in his book entitled ‘The World is Flat’. In the international arena, globalization had undeniably become the soul of every state to maintain its connections to other states as evident but more than that, we can also see how individuals being affected by this so called ‘world-changer’. As every individual become more curious and intelligent, they consider themselves to compete and share with others of different …show more content…
Like how it is affecting the people and the world, Friedman realizes that the “world is flat” manifested through his words “the global competitive playing field was being leveled. The world was being flattened.” This is a truly a call not just for the government, state, or even businesses but to individuals who need to stay ahead of these trends in order to go beyond the usual and making them even more competitive. Given that the world is a competition, it mandates us to do something. We seek for survival. The modern world even makes it a more complex one and it builds a wider arena for competitors who are said to be us. The common goal for all states becomes

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