Case Study: American Products Wanted Everywhere

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Kelsie Dodd
Economics I
Mrs. Forshee
October 6, 2016
American Products Wanted Everywhere Today when we buy things, most are not made in the United States. You can buy toys made in China, cars made in Japan, and fabric materials made in Thailand. Some people may argue that this makes us a better country, because we are not only producing and consuming inside America. However, most Americans agree that they would rather buy American-made products than ones made out of the country. Young people are wanting to become manufactures but have no chance as everything is produced outside the country and many schools no longer teach home economics classes (GARGARO 2016). Not only that, but other countries are looking to buy American-made goods. This
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However, American’s still would prefer to buy American made products. When consumers were asked if they would pay more for HVAC a little over half answered that they would rather spend more for an American made product than a product not American made. The other parts either claimed they didn’t care or wanted to buy American made products for the same price (GARGARO 2016). “Almost 8 in 10 American consumers say they would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one” (Helper 2015). Many people say that they are willing to pay more for the American-made product than a product made outside of the country. The idea may come from the idea that American quality and safety are far better than those outside the country and others may believe that it’s the best way to support America’s economy and workers. With these beliefs, foreign manufacturers have invested in plants in the United States. Take auto companies for example. Many automobiles are made out of the country, but the industry has been trying to define what it means to be “American-made.” As of right now, many appliance manufacturers and other various companies are moving their operations back into America. About 300 companies have come back within the last several years. Two reasons for the resurgence of American manufacturing in the last few years though is the newly cheap energy and the narrowing gap in labor cost between the United States and other countries (Helper 2015). However American companies are so dominant in some aspects that other countries are trying to develop their own products further so they aren’t so reliant on American made products. The “Made in America” label is a selling power, and many marketing departments rush to capitalize on it. However, consumers don’t really know whether they can trust that claim. “The Federal Trade Commission has issued standards for products that bear a “Made in the USA” label,

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