Five Practices Of Extraordinary Leadership Analysis

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Leadership is a crucial component within not only organizations but life in general as it is the driving force behind success in all aspects of lives. The purpose of this paper is to identify and discuss situations in which the five practices of extraordinary leaders were present. The purpose is also to integrate concepts learned from modules throughout the program as they relate to the Leadership and Best Practices module. Analysis of my own capabilities and potential as a leader will be discussed along with my own personal philosophy of leadership. Finally, the most valuable lesson learned from this leadership course will be address and how I plan to make application of it in my career and professional endeavors.
Five Practices of Extraordinary Leaders
Model the Way
Successful leaders demonstrate a common thread of behaviors. A leader can win followers through motivational speeches and encouragement. However, greater success is achieved when a leader is observed fostering an environment that helps develop leadership qualities in those they lead. My interpretation of the first practice, model the way, is leading by example. A leader clarifies what is important to them and sets an example by modeling those principles. For example, Chick-fil-a’s Chief Executive Officer Dan Cathy has publicly clarified his
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A good example that summarizes my idea of encouraging the heart is an employee recognition program. It feels good when we feel appreciated and knowing our efforts was not in vein. One of my former employers implemented an employee of the month program. Each month an employee was recognized by management for their outstanding efforts. The employee was recognized during a brief awards ceremony in which they were presented with a certificate and gift certificate. Doing these encouraged employees to continue good efforts because they felt valued and

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