Five Pillars of Islam Essay

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John Johnston
LTAR 250
February 28, 2005

The Five Pillars of Islam

After watching The Five Pillars of Islam it has made me rather interested in the history and origin of the Islamic religion. So often today we see the Islam as a religion of terrorism, and war. We see it as a religion of people that have nothing in their heart but bad. The truth is that Islam was started on principles very different from what we see in the news or hear on the radio. Islam rather has a long rich history that is full of some of the same principles and morals of Christianity that are seen in the western world as the foundation of good. Islam has what it calls The Five Pillars that are in purpose much like the Christian Ten Commandments. They are
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In much the same way the Christian church teaches the same thing. The Christian's offering is their tithe. Both religions give in much the same manner, they give because they feel that it is a way for them to show both their respect and reverence to their god. This act of Islamic people helping the people around them is a far cry from the selfish, dangerous, and malicious people that we often see in the media. Sawm is the fourth pillar that is the most holy month of the Muslim's year. During this month, almost all Muslims over the age of 12 are expected to "abstain from food, drink and other sensual pleasures" from the first light of dawn until sunset. It commemorates the month in the year 610 CE when revelations began from God, via the angel Gabriel, to the Prophet Muhammad. The fast was intended from the beginning to be a way for all Muslim people to learn discipline that they did not have up to this point. It was also a way for the Muslim people to learn self-restraint and generosity all in the light of obeying god's commandments. This pillar had much in common with the practice of fasting in the Christian church. In the Christian church there is not a month of fasting, but it is a common practice of fasting and praying for one to reflect on what is inside and on what God is trying to say to them. In both religions the end result is the same, a time when the person has there mind totally centered on

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