Social Work Reflection Essay

I can accurately describe the concept of the history of social work. Social work started as a helping profession led by Mary Richmond and Jane Addams as they attempted to help individuals and families that were living in poverty. During this time there were charity organizations, settlement houses, social reform, and political activism. “Friendly visitors” worked with the poor to determine their eligibility for assistance from charitable organizations. Furthermore, the “friendly visitors” who are known of early social workers developed skills and techniques that allowed them the ability to help enhance the lives of individuals living in poverty. This was the beginning of the social work field that we know today, the art and science of helping the vulnerable, oppressed, and disadvantaged. The social work field has made many advancements including moving from volunteer “friendly visitors” to well-educated social workers, serving more types of individuals, and offering services for all types of social issues and concerns.
I can consistently identify the concept or skill when observing and analyzing the five helping stages/problem solving process. The five helping stages include
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The mission of social work is to improve the quality of life for all people by enhancing the beneficial interactions between individuals and society. The core values of self-determination, empowerment, confidentiality, and belief in the inherent worth and dignity of all human beings. I am in the social work field to help others create change that will improve their quality of life. I clearly understand the importance of building healthy helping relationships that support self-determination and empowerment of the client, keeping confidentiality provided it is not posing danger to others, and acknowledging that every individual has worth and valuing the dignity of all

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