Five Components Of Achievement Motivation

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What is achievement motivation?
Motivation is the fundamental drive in all of us to pursue various activities and interests. Achievement motivation is the requirement needed to progress in academics and other activities that help in gaining knowledge, skills, information and above all perfection in whatever one does. It can be a self-driven process and/or can be influenced by various other external factors. Achievement Motivation is a person’s orientation to strive for task success, persist in the face of failure and experience the pride in accomplishment (Gill, 2000).
Why is achievement motivation needed among undergraduate students?
Achievement motivation is needed among undergraduate students to achieve their goals set before
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Achievement Motivation Theories
There are various theories that prove the need for achievement motivation. The four prominent ones that support the same are:
 Need Achievement Motivation
Need Achievement Theory (Atkinson, 1974; McClelland 1961) is an interact ional view that takes into consideration personal and situational factors as important predictors of behavior. This theory consists of five components, they are as follows:
Personality or motives, Situational factors, Resultant tendencies, emotional reactions and achievement related behavior.

With respect to personality or motives, every individual possess in mind two underlying achievement motives, namely, the gain of success and the prevention of
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