Pros And Cons Of Aquaculture

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The purpose of this assay is to elaborate the ethical issues associated with aquaculture especially salmon farming. A rapid increase has been observed in the aquaculture industry over the past few decades. This increase has been seen in the consumption of fish from consumers, increase fishing from wild fish stock and rapid increase in new fish farms. According to animal welfare, the main areas those are highly prior are divided into four various steps: period of breeding, period of growth, methods of capturing and handling, methods of slaughtering (Jenny Bergqvist, 2010). According to Jenny Bergqvist (2010), the environment affected by fish farming divided into 5 various categories: Discharge of waste and chemicals, habitat loss, disease spreading …show more content…
This is the time, when most of the factors effect on the welfare of farmed fish and people those are against fish farming come with their strong opinion against salmon farming and raise questions. During this growth period, some factor including the procedure of handling, high crowding of fish, outbreak of diseases, competition about food, stress and aggression, water quality, injuries during disease treatment (bathing in chemicals) and mortality are observed (Håstein et al., 2005). Overcrowding of fish at farm as described above is the main cause of poor fish welfare. Several lesions appear on the skin of fish due to overcrowding and the risk of spread of diseases increased including viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases. As Ashley mentioned (2007) that overcrowding brought aggression, reduction in swimming, and competition food increased risk of immunosuppression, fin and eye injuries, increase risk of infection and ultimately results of high mortality at the fish

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