Essay about First Grade Science Helps Reveal How The World Works

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Performance Task 1

Fourth grade science helps reveal how the world works. Fourth graders should understand the importance of curiosity, honesty, and openness in discovering science. This is a time for them to question how the world works. In doing so they can use the scientific method to better understand. Learning the steps of the scientific method will help them with the numerous experiments we will do throughout the year. Knowing first off to identify the problem, then to ask a question following up by doing research will follow them throughout life experiences. They then can make a hypothesis, and conduct experiments, following up by collecting and analyzing data. Drawing their conclusion and sharing their results concludes the scientific method. All of this knowledge can be used in understanding how the world works.
In the following performance task the students will have learning goals set. I expect them to speculate about the observations, give reasons for their findings, and consider reasons suggested by others. According to Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works, four of the processes teachers use to test hypothesis are “systems analysis, problem solving, experimental inquiry, and investigation” (Hubbell, p. 205). A variety of these in hands-on activities are widely accepted in my classroom by all students. They get excited knowing that I have an activity set up when they walk in. I get their attention quickly. In this performance task each…

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