Essay on Fireworks and Thesis Statement

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1. Introduction * There are a variety of ways to introduce your topic. You can begin with an impression that conceals your subject. For instance, if you are describing a fireworks display, you could write, "There were so many bright colors and loud bangs I thought we were being attacked." Alternatively, begin with a more conventional description provides an overview of the topic, such as, "The fireworks display I attended last July was one of the best I have ever seen."
Thesis Statement * Every essay, even a descriptive one, should contain a thesis statement, which summarizes your argument, whatever that may be. It should be contained somewhere in your introduction, and usually at the end. In particular, if you begin your
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My parents moved often to different places looking for better opportunities in life. I have good memories of those days. We left Puerto Rico when I was a young child, and left behind a house that was forgotten. In consequence, I lived in houses located in Chicago, Michigan and Florida.
The first place I moved with my parents was to Chicago. The house had the biggest red door I have ever seen. It was so cold inside that I could feel the white melting snow. I met many new friends from Haiti, Mexico and China. They lived in bigger houses that looked like green castles, with blue icicles hanging from the rooftop. I will never forget the color of my house, yellow mustard.
The big house I moved to in Michigan might be as big as yours. The ceiling was so high like the clouds in the sky. If you enter my room, you will see that is painted dark green like the mountains in Puerto Rico. Your family would love to feel the breeze that comes through the windows of the house in summer.
Local residents have suffered hurricane disasters near the house in Florida. It was in 1992 that hurricane Andrew hit the coast, causing a mayor disaster in modern times. There was debris all around; pieces of wood, parts of cars, appliances, toys and other objects. It was reported by the local newspapers to be the worst storm in Florida’s history. Many houses were torn to the ground and people had no

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