Smoke Signals Character Analysis

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“Smoke Signals” is a movie directed by Chris Eyre back in 1998.The two main characters in the movie are Victor and Thomas.It is about two Indian kids who grow and raise up together. Victor is a basketball player while Thomas is a storyteller.In the begging of the movie shows that The fire at Victor house causes accidentally by his father. Victor does not love or respect his father because the way of his father treat him and his mother is so mean. Victor father is cruel and alcoholic.Thomas tells that his parents died in the fire during a party where the independence of the white man being celebrated. Thomas as a baby is thrown out through the window where Victor father Arnold catches him, and two babies are saved. When Victor turns twelve, his dad leaves him alone with his mother.Victor is rude to his friend Thomas …show more content…
When his father died, Victor deiced to travel to Phoenix Arizona to collect his remains. Victor has no money to fund his trip to the south. Thomas offers him enough money and insists on going with him. On the way, Thomas starts to tells stories about victor’s father that victor does not like to hear. Along the way, as Victor and Thomas arrive at Susie house to get his father remains, Thomas says that he is hungry and thirsty, so they decide to stay at Susie house. While Susie makes food for Victor and Thomas, Thomas ask Susie how she meets Victor Dad? Susie says that “Arnold is always working on his truck, so I do not have a car around. Sometimes, Arnold is helping me to give me a arrive”.In addition, when Susie song says: He “talked about that fire every day; he cried about it; he wished to change it.” Victor denies everything and says that never happened. This shows that Victor anger from his father.Also, he does not want to remember his father and try to forget all of these bad memories; he contains inside of himself about his

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