Joseph Pierre Research Paper

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Joseph Pierre has been places most have only dreamed about only at age 29. He see’s himself as a teacher in his community, telling stories to his peers and relatives. Joseph was born on July 13, 1988, in Penticton by C-Section and on his 6 birthday, he received the name Caxasket which describes the orange, pink and red in the sky. He enjoys filming with the cultural school’s language program, where he learns songs and stories that he uses to teach those around him. Joseph enjoys being able to help and influence the lives of people around him. He was a representative for the Penticton Indian Band for eight and a half years, three times elected. Being only twenty when he was first elected gave him the ability to really connect with the youth …show more content…
When they found him it felt like a blessing and a curse because they found him but he was intoxicated and got the chaperons and his entire group in quite the predicament. The next day they all had to discuss why what he did was wrong instead of the fun activities that were planned. Joseph said that this experience helped him grow and learn to pay attention to the small details that someone may be feeling down. This past Spring Break Joseph chose to go on a family trip instead of and exchange. His family planned a trip to California, Disneyland was their main destination and Joseph and his nephew had a great time, especially at Harry Potter World. Joseph has influenced so many people in his life including his nephew, and he thanks his grandmother for being so influential to him as a child. His grandmother, Luana was like a second mother to Joseph. Through his childhood, she was a very active family figure to him and his sister Megan. One Summer when he was about 9, Joseph and his sister were able to work at the ranch with Luana and he only lasted about 20 minutes before it was too difficult. Later that day once they had gone home Luana told

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